Q1. How fast will I get my passport?

Ans. It mostly depends on the country, but most of our passports are provided in a time limit of 24 hours in terms of a counterfeit passport.

Q2. If I am underage, can my passport be made?

Ans. By making other counterfeit documents such as a birth certificate, your age can be manipulated and your passport can be made.

Q3. What is the guarantee that I’ll never be caught?

Ans. There’s never any guarantee, but our services do ensure that your counterfeit passport looks exactly like the original one, and from among our previous customers no one has ever been caught.

Q4. How will I obtain my passport?

Ans. For that, we will ship your passport to your location. Shipping charges will be applied.

Q5. What other documents might I need other than the passport?

Ans. You may also need a visa. But if your purpose is settling down, you might need a driver’s licence, a social security card, birth certificate and also getting yourself registered in the government database. We can help with all these services.